Making goals in life come true 

Today seen a house today that look likes it came from a fairy tales. As when I was admiring it, I realize that  hard work and determination in life can reward you. And I also took the beauty and uniqueness of the house, good fortune will come. Today, I received a phone call to a potential employer stating their interest and commented my on the facts on my resume. I stated that I was still in school and graduating in June. And he says that was ok just call back when you have graduated.  



Naked Madison Central student


A Madison Central High School student remained hospitalized Wednesday, a day after police said he stripped off his clothes at school and ran off. School officials told police Tuesday afternoon that the student stood up from his desk, took off his clothes and ran out of the classroom and into a wooded area east of the school. While officers searched for the teenager, police received a call from Broadmoor Baptist Church saying that a naked person had gone into the church and was inside an adjacent bathroom, according to a news release from the Madison Police Department.

New Nissan Tech Gadgets

Nissan Motor Company unveiled a new feature aimed at preventing distracted driving and waking tired drivers. The Driver Detection Alert system learns a particular motorist’s driving habits within minutes, then using these habits as a baseline to determine what it deems as unusual driving behavior. If the system detects strange behavior, an orange coffee cup icon appears on the dashboard, prompting an audio alert and suggesting that the driver take a break.

Running Effective Meetings

With proper planning and preparation, any meeting can be effective and enjoyable. Meetings have several functions. They give members a chance to discuss and evaluate goals and objectives, keep updated on current events, provide a chance to communicate and keep the group cohesive. But most of all, meetings allow groups to pull resources together for decision making. If the facilitator starts with a careful plan and finishes with a thorough follow-up, the meeting will “run smooth.”

Building a Bionic Nervous System

Today, March 27, 2015, I’ve received read an article publish in IEEE SPECTRUM and the article detail interesting facts about of implanted devices that can send pulses of electricity through the nervous system. And these devices can give neurologists new ways to treat patients with a wide range of disorders, including epilepsy, chronic pain, depression, and Parkington’s disease
The Nervous System